Individuals living in Canada and earning income as employees or self-employed professionals would greatly benefit from a variety of services provided by our firm.  The most common services we offer to individuals are related to the preparation and electronic submission of annual income tax returns for individuals and their immediate family members.  At A&J LLP, we take your concerns seriously and strive to save you as much taxes as possible while at the same time ensure that you are complying with the requirements of the Income Tax Act (ITA).   We do this by utilizing our in-depth experience and tax tools to provide you with the best advice regarding the use of the tax credits and deductions available to you and your immediate family members.  We would also help you plan for your upcoming taxation year by providing you with very useful tips that would enhance your future tax planning

As the taxation system in Canada favors individuals who take the risk to establish their own business, we can help you in navigating your options, preparing your business plan, and legally establishing your business entity and business name with the concerned government entities.  Taking your first steps with us would allow ensuring that you are benefiting from the most relevant corporate structure for your future business from a taxation and accounting point of view.  Once you start your own operations, we can be your strategic partner and provide you with a state of the art accounting, payroll, and income tax services