Entrepreneurs are the most exciting and excited people on the planet where creating a new business from scratch is more of an entertainment for them!

If you’re one of them, then you need to follow these steps to ensure a perfect progression.

Create a Business Plan

You may definitely browse the internet for business plan templates or ask friends and relatives about their experience. However, keep in mind that every business is different! Different clients, different services and more important different financial planning.

At A&J LLP we validate your business plan, help you creating a new one, more specifically, a special one for you. Our experts will sit with you and answer all your related questions.

Organize Your Books

Income and Expenses can be managed on datasheet applications, paper, or other sophisticated software. But before all, you need to know how to organize your books. Applications are flexible tools to help you organize your books, but you need to set how they should organize them for you.

Our Start-Up experts, have a complete guide for you to organize your books without being in trouble when you meet auditors, when you report tax and of course when you look at your saving by the end of your business fiscal year.

Pay Tax

Every business in Canada has to report & pay their taxes. Calculating the taxes at the end of the fiscal year or whenever you’re set to pay the taxes might be a painful task.

Create Your Website

There is no doubt that you can hardly present your business to clients without having a professionally developed website, which leads to have a proper business e-mail

We understand all the challenges Entrepreneurs go through. Therefore, we know exactly what needs to be done. We don’t have to ask you how the site should look like or what wordings you want to add. In our first meeting, we will understand what your business is and how you like to direct it, then we start our work to well present you on the web.

Market Your Business

When you’re done with your website, we come in to help you set an e-marketing strategy and develop it for you, so that your words are spread and your business attracts more clients.

Enjoy Your Income

We take care of you and your business all the way for all accounting related processes, so that you’re completely focused on your business without a distraction. We found this combination is a great one that helps you achieve the success you aim for and ultimately enjoy your profit.